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Butterfly advances progress on some of the most important science and applications questions of NASA Earth Science for the next decade, including the coupling of the energy and water cycles, extending and improving weather forecasts, reducing climate uncertainty, and informing societal response. Butterfly is designed as an open science mission, bringing a new cooperative approach, embracing…

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Improving the model simulation of surface wave impacts on air-sea fluxes, turbulent boundary layers, and their impacts on Indian monsoons in the Arabian Sea

ONR ASTraL DRI: ASTraL will improve in situ characterization of air-sea exchanges of heat, mass, and momentum, including amplitudes and space-time variability, and provide useful and practical observational constraints for prediction models across scales. Since air-sea fluxes and their interactions with turbulent boundary layers in the ocean and atmosphere are entirely parameterized in prediction…

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Lecture, Seminars, and Conference Presentations

2023 Air-Sea Interaction and Offshore Wind energy. Korean Meteorological Agency, virtual, January 27 , 2023 2022 Coupled Modeling of Mesoscale Air-Sea Interaction: Physics, Impacts, and Role of Surface Waves. Seoul National University, Korea, invited, 09/22 pdf Ocean Mesoscale Air-Sea Interaction over Gulf Stream: Drivers, Physics, and Influence. US CLIVAR Wither the Gulf Stream Workshop. Wither…

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