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Channing Prend (2016)

WHOI Summer Student Fellow, Summer of 2016
Columbia University
Now at Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Project Title: Impact of freshwater plumes on intraseasonal SST variability from moored observations in the Bay of Bengal

Prend, C. J., H. Seo. R. A. Weller, and J. T. Farrar, 2019: Impact of freshwater plumes on intraseasonal upper ocean variability in the Bay of Bengal. Deep-Sea Res.-II., 161, 63-71. pdf

Weller, R. A., J. T. Farrar, H. Seo, C. J. Prend, D. Sengupta, J. Sree Lekha, M. Ravichandran, and R. Venkatesen, 2019: Moored observations of the surface meteorology and air-sea fluxes in the northern Bay of Bengal in 2015, J. Climate, 32, 549-573. pdf